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Sales surf materials - Surfschool Foamball

Buy your surf gear at Foamball

Are you ready for the next step? You can also go to Foamball to get your own surf materials. The latest surfboards and wetsuits from the best brands at attractive prices. In addition to our own collection with special soft tops, you can also find most of the hard top brands!

Brands as:

  • Lost surfboards
  • Pukas
  • Mark richards
  • Channel Islands
  • Mctavish
  • Phipps
  • Bradley
  • Chilli

The advantage of buying at Foamball.

  • We will help you with the right choice, to become a better surfer.
  • Almost all surf brands are possible.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Also for wetsuits and accessories.

Buy your first surfboard or wetsuit and get


Sales surf materials


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    Indicate where you look for, and we will send you the best deal. No strings attached! Don’t you know what you need, but do you want to progress? Then explain what your level is and what you would like to achieve as the next step in surfing. We will help you to make the right choice.

    Sales surf materials
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