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The best beach & waters sports week on Texel - Beach camps Texel

The best beach sport week on Texel

Beach camps Texel

What is Beach camp Texel?

Beachcamps Texel consist out of the most fun board and beach sports activities for 5 days. The beachcamp week starts on Monday afternoon and ends on Friday afternoon. You learn different water sports at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Netherlands, such as wave surfing, surf kayaking, coast rafting and (XXL) stand up paddle boarding. We will also defy the wind, for example with a power kite or a beach challenge.

You also learn all ins and outs about the sea, boards and surf materials. In addition to various water sports, we offer some various cool beach sports as well. For example: a beach battle, disc golf, beach rugby, skimboarding, beach volleyball, and so on. to top it all off, there is an Expression Session where you can show your “tricks” at the end of the week.

For who is it?

The beach camp is for everyone from age 10 until 16 years old, who loves the beach, the sea and water sports! Of course a swimming diploma is mandatory. Do you speak German or English? Don’t worry, the coaches speak those languages ​​as well.

This week is for everyone who is staying on the Island Texel. Because, it is without an overnight stay. Are you on Texel with your parents and do you want some action on the beach, then sign up for a great week!

The material that you will use during the lessons is modern and of high quality. For beginners or pro, our well-trained and fully certified instructors can teach all levels in a safe environment.

Beach camps Texel

Prices & Dates

The Texel beach camps weeks are planned for 1 week in May. And 6 weeks during the summer holidays (July & August). The beachcamp in May starts on April 29. The first week in the summer vacation starts on July 15, the last week is the week of August 19.

What does the beach camp cost?

The beach camp week cost € 199,- per person. Activities and lunch are included

Are you joining with 3 people or more? Then register all at the same time and get a 10% discount!


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Week Dates 2022
May holiday Monday 29 April until 2 May 2019
Week 1 Monday 11 until Friday 15 July 2022
Week 2 Monday 18 until Friday 23 July 2022
Week 3 Monday 25 July until Friday 29 July 2022
Week 4 Monday 01 t/m Friday 05 August 2022
Week 5 Monday 8 until Friday 12 August 2022
Week 6 Monday 15 until Friday 19 August 2022



There are 8 major activities from Monday to Friday. 4 Surf lessons and 4 other activities The activities can vary per week due to the weather. Of course want the best conditions for you! Lunch is served on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. there are changing rooms and showers for the water sports.


Beach camp Texel is a collaboration between surfschool Foamball which is located at pole 19 and Zandbank Texel which is located at pole 17. Surfschool Foamball specializes in surfing lessons and Zandbank in outdoor activities and events. This gives you the best of both! The beach camp activities take place at both locations. Below you can see the program with the locations, start and end times.

Day Times Start location End location
Monday 13:30 – 15:30 hours Foamball Foamball
Tuesday 10:30 – 15:30 hours Foamball Zandbank
Wednesday 10:30 – 15:30 hours Foamball Zandbank
Thursday 10:30 – 15:30 hours Foamball Zandbank
Friday 10:30 – 12:30 hours Zandbank Zandbank
Beach camps Texel


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    Passe-Partout á €215 p.p.

    Welke periode wil je reserveren? (verplicht)

    Week 1: maandag 17 t/m vrijdag 21 juli 2023Week 2: maandag 24 t/m vrijdag 28 juli 2023Week 3: maandag 31 juli t/m vrijdag 4 augustus 2023Week 4: maandag 7 t/m vrijdag 11 augustus 2023Week 5: maandag 14 t/m vrijdag 18 augustus 2023Week 6: maandag 21 t/m vrijdag 25 augustus 2023

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    Waar verblijf je op Texel?

    De Krim - CocksdorpTexelcamping Loodsmansduinen - Den HoornTexelcamping Kogerstrand - De KoogTexelcamping De Shelter / De Noord - De KoogAnders namelijk...

    Anders namelijk

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    Beach camps Texel


    Opening hours

    Starting form 1 April to 1 October, surfschool Foamball and Zandbank Texel are located on the beach. You could also visit us for more information: See below for information about location and route

    Zandbank Texel
    Beach Pole 17 – 350 meters to the North
    Ruyslaan 98, De Koog

    Surfschool Foamball
    Beach pole 19
    Ruyslaan 44, De Koog

    Contact Us

    We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.