Children's parties on the beach

Is it your birthday and do you want to have a great children's party? Then come and surf on Texel. We will make sure you have a party you will never forget!

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Can I also learn to surf?

Surfing is a tough sport that anyone can learn. Within 1.5 hours you get up and go standing with the wave! Of course, the surf instructor goes into the water with you so that you are always helped from close by. The surf lessons are given from 6 years old with special soft top surfboards and warm wetsuits. These surfboards are soft on the top and extra wide so you can get up quickly.

Surfing with your children's party!

You gather with all your friends on the beach at the surf school. First you get a big high five and we tell you what's going to happen. You get a wetsuit over your swimwear and can choose a nice surfboard. Then the surf lesson starts.

The first lesson is all about riding the wave while standing. It is explained how to enter the water, choose the right wave, paddle and get up! Then you go into the water up to your hips and you stand in the surf. Just wait for the perfect wave to come and surf!

The surf lesson lasts 1.5 hours and all equipment is included. After the lesson you will receive a real surf diploma to take home and you can continue to relax at the surf school.

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