The best kids parties!

Is it your birthday and do you want to have an awesome party? Surf with us on Texel or Juliandorp We will make sure it is the party where everybody talks about!

Children’s parties

Starting form €15,00

Is surfing for me?

Yes, surfing is a cool sport that everyone can learn Within 1.5 hours you will learn to surf the wave while standing! Of course the surf instructor will join you in the water so that there is always guidance close by. Surfing lessons are starting from age 6, with special surfboards and warm wetsuits. Those surfboards are soft and extra wide so it is easy to learn.

Children’s parties

Go surfing for your birthday!

With all your friends you gather on the beach at the surf school. We will start big high five and then tell you what’s planned for the day. You will get a wetsuit, to put on over your swim clothes, and you can choose a cool surfboard. After changing the surf lesson starts.

The first lesson is about standing up, to surf the wave while standing. First we explain how you go into the water, pick the right wave, paddle and stand up After the explaination you ‘ll go into the water up to your hips in the waves. Just wait for the perfect wave, and surf!

The surfing course lasts 1.5 hours, all materials are included. After the course you are welcome to chill and relax at the surfschool, also everyone receives a real surf diploma.

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Children’s parties
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