Surf Lesson

Surf Lesson €25,-

Come surf with us!

Did you ever wanted to surf? Then come to our surf school for an unforgettable surf lesson! Our surf lessons are high quality and given in multiple languages. We love to keep it personal and try to remember your name. You can test us!

Is surfing for me?

Yes, it’s a cool sport that everyone can learn. With the right materials, special lesson boards and warm wetsuits, we teach you all the basics of wave surfing. Surfing lessons are possible starting from age 6. The courses are given by skilled & licensed surf instructors who also are lifeguards. Please note: A swimming diploma is required.

Surf Lesson

What to expect from a surf lesson?

Before you go into the water you will have to put on a wetsuit. This ensures you to stay warm. The wetsuits are available in the smallest size up to XXL. After changing the surf lesson starts.

At the beginning you get the explanation about safety and the sea, after that we practice on the beach, and go into the water as soon as possible! Within 1.5 hours you will learn to get up and stand on the wave. Of course the surf teacher will join you in the water so he can always help you up close.


How much is a surf lesson?

A surf lesson costs €25,- per person. This includes the use of surfboard and wetsuit. It doesn’t matter what age you are. The price is the same for everyone.

Together in a group

We will make sure that you are always in the same group with whom you make the reservation. It is of course also nice to be together with your peers. We try to take this into account as much as possible.

Multiple surf lessons

If you want to take more than 1 surf lesson, we have a crazy discount for you. We have special tickets for with 3, 5 or 10 surf lessons of 1.5 hour. You can decide when you take these lessons, because the card can be used throughout the season. So you don’t have to do all the lessons at once The card is for 1 person only.

We understand that you first want to try out a surf lesson, therefore we put the money from the first lesson also on the card so you never paid too much.


A surf lesson can be paid with cash or by card. Almost all cards are accepted, including credit cards, Vpay and foreign debit cards.

The surf lesson can also be paid online with the reservation. Also online, all major payment options are supported such as IDeal, credit card, Bancontact, Sofort and Belfius

Number of lessons Price per person
1 Surf Lesson €25,-
3 Surf Lessons €67,-
5 Surf lessons €105,-
10 Surf lessons €190,-


Texel Times
Every day 10:00 o’clock
13:00 o’clock
16:00 o’clock

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Frequently Asked Questions

A booking with several people

Do you book with more than one person? We make sure that you are always together in the group.

Minimum age for a surf lesson

For the surf lessons a swimming diploma is required, the minimum age for the surf course is 6 years.

Young children are mostly quickly to stand up, and surf onto the beach. It may happen that they have a little more trouble getting through the waves, therefore a parent can always assist free of charge. Of course we provide a wetsuit, so you can help in the water up close.

How far in advance should I book?

If you come with a small group then 3 days in advance is usually soon enough.

If you already know in which period you would like to surf, you can always reserve in advance. If the circumstances do not turn out well on the day of your reservation, we will always let you know beforehand and we can move the surf lesson.

Payment of the surf lesson

The Surf Lesson can be paid to us online in advance when you book the lesson with IDeal or credit card. It is also possible to pay in cash or with a card at the surf school.

How many surf lessons do I need?

Each person is different, but after 3 surf lessons you have a good idea how to surf. During the first surf lesson you will learn to get up and get your first waves standing up. With 2 to 3 surf lessons you better learn to stand more balanced and steer on the wave.

We always say: “Try a surf lesson and see how it goes”. After the lesson we can discuss this and possibly plan a next surf lesson. We have a special card for multiple surf lessons. No worries we obviously set off the first lesson, so you never pay too much!

Cards multiple lessons: 3, 5 or 10 surf lessons

Do you want to do more than 1 surf lesson? Then of course you are very welcome. We have cards for 3, 5 or 10 surf lessons of 1.5 hours with discount. These cards are valid the whole season and for one person only You can decide for yourself when you want to come.

what if you want to buy a card after the first surf lesson? in that case we will set off the money from the first lesson with the card so you never paid too much!

3 Surf lessons: €65,-p.p. 5 surf lessons: €100,-p.p. 10 surf lessons: €190,-p.p.

Parent-Child surf lesson

We understand that you don’t want to stay behind. What could be better than surfing with your son or daughter?

In 1.5 hours you will get a amazing surf lesson together with your son or daughter. Experience what surfing means and see your child’s enthusiasm up close. As an adult you pay the same price as your child, €25,-.

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