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Fun activities for groups!

If you are looking for a fun and sportive activity with the company or a group, then you’ve found the right place. We offer group activities that are all about sport, fun and team building

Is surfing for me?

Yes, it’s a cool sport that everyone can learn. For the surf course we use special soft top surfboards. These boards are soft at the top and extra wide so that you learn to stand up with the wave easily. Of course we use a wetsuit and the surfcoach also steps into the water so that you have a lot of personal attention.

Surf with your team or company!

A surf lesson for a group lasts approximately 2 hours. Just change clothes in the changing rooms, a nice warm wetsuit and you are ready to go!

During the surf course you learn all the ins and outs of surfing, the goal is to glide with the wave while standing on a surfboard. if some of you who would rather won’t stand on a surfboard but still like to get into the water? We have some bodyboards for them so that they can follow the wave while lying down!

After the (surf)class you can relax on the terrace while enjoying a cup of coffee / tea, soft drinks or smoothie. Of course we have a shower so that you are fresh again!

company outings
company outings

Day program

Combine surfing with another activity and/or eating & drinking and make it an amazing day!

In addition to the surfing lesson, we offer numerous activities to make your day even more fun. You could think of beach volleyball, yoga, supping, lifeguard training, branding rafting and other activities in collaboration with an outdoor sports company.

Is it a bachelor party? Then it is possible to put a funny outfit on over the wetsuit of the bachelor.

Would you like to have lunch or dinner on the beach? That is possible as well. We work together with a beach pavilion next to us. Happiness is a day at the beach!

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company outings
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