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The best school trips!

Do you want to do an awesome activity with your school or class? Come surfing! We offer the most fun and sportive activities in the water and on the beach. Starting form a normal surf lessons to complete sports days and a special course for every study.

Is surfing for me?

Yes, surfing is a cool sport that everyone can learn Surfing lessons are starting from age 6, with special surfboards and warm wetsuits. Those surfboards are soft and extra wide so it is easy to learn. Within 1.5 hours you will learn to surf the wave while standing! Of course the surf instructor will join you in the water so that there is always guidance close by.

Surfing with school.

The surf lesson takes approximately 2 hours including changing time. Changing booths are available, to put on the wetsuit. After changing, choose a cool surfboard and the lesson can start!

During the surf lesson you learn the basics of surfing. Which waves to catch, how should I paddle and when to stand up? You will get into the water up to your hips and wait for the right wave. So that you can always stand in the water, the instructor also gets into the water. Are there students who would rather don’t stand on a surfboard? For them we also have some bodyboards to go with the wave while lying down.

After the lesson you can use the shower, and relax on the beach. Benches, pillows and sun beds are available to relax on.

School trips
School trips

A complete program

Surfing is perfect to combine with other sports on the beach and in the water. This way you can make it an awesome day at the beach. Do you want to stay some nights and do something for several days? That is possible!

we offer various activities, for example: beach volleyball, yoga, supping, lifeguard training, branding rafting and many other activities in collaboration with outdoor sports companies. Also educational programs are possible. Sports and learning is a perfect combination!

There are various options for overnight stays. Directly behind our surfschool is a campsite with fixed tents. Just cross a dune and you are on the beach! If you prefer fixed accommodation, there are also plenty of cottages and sleep farms in the area.

An example program

Start End Activity
11:00 11:30 Start / Introduction
11:30 13:00 Surf Lesson
13:00 o’clock 13:30 Break
13:30 15:00 Beach volleyball

This program can be expanded with multiple activities and a catered lunch. For example a lunch bag containing: drinks, a piece of fruit, sandwiches and some goodies.

School trips

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School trips
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