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Do you want to do a great activity with your school or class? Then surf away. We offer the best activities in the water and on the beach. From surf lessons to complete sports days and courses for every education.

Quotation for a school trip
Surfinstructor juicht en surfer surft op groen surfboard met de golf

Can I learn to surf?

Surfing is a tough sport that anyone can learn. The surf lessons are given from 6 years old with special soft top surfboards and warm wetsuits. These surfboards are soft on the top and extra wide so you can get up quickly. Within 1.5 hours you get up and go standing with the wave! Of course the surf instructor goes into the water with you so that you are always helped from close by.

Surfing with school

The surf lesson takes about 2 hours including changing. There are changing cabins to put on the wetsuit. Then choose a nice surfboard and the lesson can begin!

During the surf lesson you will learn the basics of surfing. Which waves should I catch, how should I paddle and when should I stand? You go into the water about to your hips and wait in the surf for the right wave. So you can always stand in the sea and the instructor goes with you! Are there any students who prefer not to get up? Then they can also lie down with the wave on a bodyboard.

After the lesson you can rinse off in the shower and relax on the beach. There are benches, cushions and sunbeds to relax on.

Prices from € 17.50

Een complete program

Surfing can also be perfectly combined with other sports on the beach and in the water. This way you can make it a wonderful day at the beach. Do you want to stay overnight and do something for several days? That is also possible!

The various activities to make your day even more fun are for example: beach volleyball, yoga, supping, lifeguard training, surf rafting and many other activities in collaboration with outdoor sports companies. Educational programs are also possible. Sports and learning is a perfect combination!

There are also several options for staying the night. This way you can stand directly behind us on the campsite with permanent tents. Just cross the dune and you're on the beach! If you prefer permanent accommodation, there are also numerous cottages and sleeping farms in the area.

Quotation for a school trip

An example program


A program can be expanded with multiple activities and a catered lunch. Think of a lunch bag containing: drink, piece of fruit, sandwiches and something delicious.

11:00 hr11:30 hrStart / introduction
11:30 hr13:00 hrSurf lesson
13:00 hr13:30 hrBreak
13:30 hr15:00 hrBeach volleyball

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